Venture Trotter Weekly Review: Week Ending 2/17/23

Ruceto tracked over $180 million in institutional investments into crypto or web3 companies last week. Links to the target company website, investment announcement, and token info are provided via hyperlinks on the Target Name, $ Raised, and Token columns respectively.

Target Name $ Raised Lead Investors Description Token
Credit Suisse
Unified platform to manage any digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, and digital currencies
Dragonfly Capital
New proof-of-stake blockchain that offers throughput that is higher than any existing smart contract blockchain, supporting 10,000 smart contract transactions per second
DWF Labs
Play-to-Earn gaming guild
Insignia Venture Partners, MindWorks Capital, Signum Capital
A decentralized instant messenger that brings together protocols and dApps in a one-stop solution
Crypto market index token
Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly
No-code solution to launch performant, customizable blockchain rollups
Collider Ventures and Disruptive AI
Provides end-to-end security solutions to Web3 platforms, DeFi protocols, bridges, market makers, and other digital asset projects
Zero Knowledge hardware company
Protects your wallet from scams and phishing
XBTO Humla Ventures
"Web5" social network
Sisu Game Ventures
Web3 gaming developer
Play Ventures
Infrastructure company focused on web3 gaming
Bain Capital Crypto
Building cross-chain messaging protocols and omnichain applications for both developers and consumers
Hashed, Coin98
L1 blockchain focused on chain optimization for NFT projects
ABCDE Capital, Amber Group, Firestone Ventures, and others
Decentralized derivatives exchange that offers perpetual swaps trading across blue chip NFTs and other popular assets
Chapter One, Delphi Digital
Metaverse land system created directly from ENS & wallet activities
Web3 messaging platform

Alongside offers the liquid and programmable ERC-20 token AMKT, the an on-chain broad-based crypto market index. The index token is fully backed by a basket of 25 assets, rebalanced monthly and reconstituted quarterly. Each AMKT holder has voting rights in the AMKT DAO that governs the token. AMKT currently available for trading, but it is not available to US residents.

Aura Labs is an NFT-centric L1 blockchain. The company is building a platform that enables web2 businesses to easily build NFT-projects and transition into web3. AURA is the native currency of the Aura Network Chain, and it is used for staking, governance, payment of transaction fees, or it can be traded in the market. AURA is currently available for trading.

Monad Labs is a building an EVM compatible L1 blockchain that emphasizes an extremely high throughput. Monad is targeting 10,000 smart contract transactions per second, which according to Monad is 1,000x the throughput of ETH and >5x the throughput of Solana. The founding team has experience building high-frequency-trading systems at Jump Trading, and has identified numerous optimizations in EVM’s processing capabilities that enable them to achieve higher levels of speed. Monad is planning a testnet in the coming months, with a mainnet launch planned for later in 2023.

Unagi is a web3 developer or sports games. The company was founded by Yves Guillemot, the son of UbiSoft co-founder Yves Guillemot. Their first game, Ultimate Champions, is a free-to-play game that allows players to create and manage a football team with players from around Europe. The game includes licensed digital cards that are hosted as NFTs on the blockchain. The value of CHAMP, the game’s utility token, is determined by the success of Ultimate Champions. 25% of the revenue generated by the game will be directed towards increasing the token value. CHAMP is currently available for trading.

Yield Guild Games is a DAO and play-to-earn gaming guild. The guild rents out NFTs to web3 gamers, gamers use the rented NFTs to earn rewards in play-to-earn games without any upfront costs, and a portion of those earnings go to Yield Guild Games. The YGG token represents partial ownership in tokenized assets of the guild. YGG is currently available for trading.

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