About Us

Ruceto was founded by two veterans in the finance industry. Our founders’ experience spans across venture capital, equity research, management consulting, and banking. Ruceto was created with the vision of providing startups and companies with institutional quality consulting and support. Additionally, Ruceto also runs a retail research platform (directed by the community) providing users with unbiased quality research.

Our Mission

While researching blockchain, Ruceto’s founders realized there is a great need in the industry for institutional quality consulting and research. Companies in the space have a strong demand for a go-to-market strategy, product-market fit analysis, financial infrastructure building (such as a 3-statement model), and capital raising support. Ruceto was founded with the mission to provide institutional quality support for these spaces. Ruceto’s retail research platform is an unbiased source for information and provides a view on how institutions think about specific crypto projects.

Who We Help

  • Companies who need to identify their market, prepare a strategy to launch, and  execute the launch. 
  • Companies who need financial infrastructure including complex and flexible forecasts, a 3-statement model, a budget, or a financial team.
  • Companies who need expertise and operational support in capital raising activities.
  • Institutions that need custom research.
  • Retail investors that are looking for unbiased and quality research in crypto.
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