Venture Trotter Weekly Review: Week Ending 12/2/22

Ruceto tracked over $200 million in institutional investments into crypto or web3 companies last week. Links to the target company website, investment announcement, and token info are provided via hyperlinks on the Target Name, $ Raised, and Token columns respectively.

Target Name $ Raised Lead Investors Description Token
Digital asset market makers building scalable, self-adaptive technologies to support efficient markets
Polychain Capital
Makes it easy to build websites and apps on the new open web: permissionless, trustless, censorship resistant, and free of centralized gatekeepers
Sound Ventures, Seven Seven Six, Blockchange Ventures, Ava Labs, C2 Ventures
Helps a community of 200,000+ creators earn a living doing what they love, while giving brands instant and direct access to collaborate with relevant, authentic, brand-safe creators
Creator-specific NFTs
Illuminate Financial
A staking platform you can use to stake directly, or whitelabel staking into your product.
Create cross-platform, free to play games that are playable with or without Web3 elements
Elron Ventures
Cybersecurity for web3 companies
Anthemis, Dragonfly Capital
Crypto investment app for French-speaking Africans
Matrix Partners
Digital art marketplace, and residency for digital artists
G1 Ventures, gumi Cryptos, Shima Capital
Crypto-native multi-dealer platform
Blockchain Capital
Infrastructure that brings context to DAOs; enabling better collaboration, more impactful contribution, and proactive governance
Binance Labs
DApp using novel structured financial products to enhance the utility of BUSD and other select crypto assets
Drive by DraftKings, Bitkraft Ventures
A web3 casual game platform
Framework Ventures, Chapter One
A software solution that notifies users of web3 perks (airdrops, token-gated events, etc.) and to-do's that are available based on their wallet address
Framework Ventures, GSR
Buy and sell crypto options with the Lyra Protocol, a decentralized exchange native to layer-2 Ethereum
Decentralized interest rate curves for lending and borrowing on Cardano
Hashed Emergent
Web3 game discovery app
Animoca Brands, GameFi Ventures
Sci-fi media brand behind the Wanderers NFT collection
gumi Cryptos Capital
Use Your NFTs as collateral to obtain rewards through auto DeFi yield

Liqwid Labs is an open source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol that’s powered by Cardano. Participants lend and borrow Cardano-native assets on a money market with interest rates that are based on supply and demand of pooled liquidity. Users access additional liquidity without trading fees by borrowing against existing crypto holdings.


Lyra Protocol is an automated market maker for crypto options. The protocol includes 2 user types, liquidity providers and option traders. Liquidity providers earn fees from traders by depositing sUSD (a stablecoin) into an asset-specific vault, which traders can buy or sell options to. The protocol’s native token is LYRA, and it is available for trading.


UnUniFi is an NFT marketplace on the Cosmos ecosystem that enables NFT lending and DeFi yield. Users can bid for and sell NFTs, or list their existing NFTs as collateral to access loans.


Wanderers, created the sci-fi-themed Wanders NFT collection (viewable on OpenSea). The company will use the funding from their $2M equity raise to create a game in partnership with Blowfish Studios that is planned for release in 2024.


WildXYZ is a marketplace for digital art and residency for artists. The company website prominently shows what piece of art is currently up for bidding.


Institutional Investors of Crypto


CrossTower, a crypto exchange that caters to institutional investors, signed an agreement with undisclosed terms to acquire Bequant, a prime broker for digital assets. CrossTower previously attempted to acquire Voyager Digital, but was outbid by FTX.US. Now that FTX.US filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, CrowssTower might issue a new bid for Voyager Digital.


What’s happening at Ruceto


We provide institutional quality research on Web3 projects, and our deep dive report on Oasys is now available! Oasys is a new blockchain protocol for gaming with members of its founding team including executives from Bandai Namco Research, Sega Corporation, and Yield Guild Games. Check out to read it for free before the initial coin offering that’s planned for November!


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