Venture Trotter Weekly Review: Week Ending 10/7/22

Last Week’s Crypto Investment Highlights


Ruceto tracked over $190 million in institutional investments into crypto or web3 companies last week. Links to the target company website, investment announcement, and token info are provided via hyperlinks on the Target Name, $ Raised, and Token columns respectively.

Target Name $ Raised Lead Investors Description Token
LDA Capital
Enterprise ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance
Brevan Howard Digital, Morgan Creek Digital
Provide i) user-friendly smart wallet for crypto, NFTs, Web3 + the metaverse, and ii) a developer platform to make building Web3 applications easy on Ethereum and other EVM chains
a16z crypto
Working to create a decentralized knowledge graph protocol that maps 10 billion entities and the public knowledge surrounding them
Investment platform that makes it easy to discover, assess, and invest in DeFi yield opportunities
Union Square Ventures, Shine Capital, Multicoin Capital
Web 3 platform connecting restaurants to customers
Blizzard, Spartan Capital, Wave Financial and NFL superstars Odell Beckham Jr., Kyler Murray
Allows for real-time trading of your physical collectibles by minting them as digital goods
Citi Ventures, Accel
Develop proprietary investment products, platforms and solutions for global institutions to access opportunities in the digital asset class in a secure and compliant manner
Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, borrow, leverage cryptocurrencies all on one decentralized, community-driven platform
Redpoint Ventures
Web3 platform for monitoring and maintaining your blockchain networks and nodes
Digital Currency Group, Upload Ventures
Replaces the spreadsheets, manual labor, and antiquated systems used by most investors, family offices, and investment advisors
Electric Capital
Data platform that provides current, and comprehensive view of the opportunities linked to the tokens
The Metaverse Platform for Brands & Agencies
Chapter One & IDEO CoLab Ventures
Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures
An expansive Metaverse game experience in development

AlterVerse is the developer of a play-and-earn metaverse. After 3-years of development, the developer is providing pre-alpha access to the platform. Per the company, “$ACE is the native token of AlterVerse, used for in-game transactions, currency, and player rewards. ACE will be launched on BNB smart chain, along with land and NFT skins. We are also building an NFT marketplace, which will integrate with BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Efinity, and other prominent chains.”


Golden (web3 site here) began as a web2 company with the goal of mapping all human knowledge, and raised $20 million as a web2 business. The company began to focus on a web3 version of Golden in Fall 2021, and on 10/3/2022 announced a new $40 million capital raise. The decentralized protocol relies on and incentivizes the user base to verify true facts via submissions and voting. There is no currently available token or stated token release date, but the company says that their whitepaper will be released to the public soon.


Horizon Blockchain Games develops 1) Sequence, a developer platform and smart wallet for web3 game builders; 2) Skyweaver, a web3 trading card game that is powered by Sequence (card market here), and 3) Niftyswap, a decentralized market for semi-fungible tokens. The company will use their $40 million fundraise to bring more developers to the Skyweaver platform, expand Skyweaver, and launch Niftyswap.


SushiSwap is a community-led platform and DeFi ecosystem that includes a cryptocurrency exchange, leverage & margin trading platform, new token launchpad and NFT artist platform. GoldenTree, an asset management firm with about $47 billion in assets under management, announced that it took a $5.3 million stake in Sushi, the governance token for SushiSwap. In GoldenTree’s announcement, it said that it intends to help the company develop its tokenomics and general design/strategy.


XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in DeFi. The XDC token (whitepaper here) is available for trading on a variety of exchanges. XDC Network’s $50 million capital raise comes from LDA Capital Limited, an alternative investor that has executed $10 billion in transactions in over 10 years. The capital will be used to accelerate network adoption and the development of layer 2 protocols on the XDC ecosystem.


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