Venture Trotter Weekly Review: Week Ending 10/21/22

Ruceto tracked over $180 million in institutional investments into crypto or web3 companies last week. Links to the target company website, investment announcement, and token info are provided via hyperlinks on the Target Name, $ Raised, and Token columns respectively.

Target Name $ Raised Lead Investors Description Token
Bain Capital Crypto, Polychain
A modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead
Framework Ventures
Powering games in the metaverse. Tokenized game items, custodial player wallets, marketplace, etc.
R&D firm specializing in protocol engineering, cross-chain interoperability and web3 gaming
Jane Street, Big Brain Holdings, Struck Crypto, The Spartan Group, Ghaf Capital, DFG, CoinGecko Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Jsquare, Cogitent Ventures, WeMade, Veris Ventures, ZebPay, Tupix Capital, MapleBlock Capital
Linearly scalable smart contract platform that increases transactions per second by adding more nodes
Anthos Capital
Web3 game with AI-powered open world with diverse Free-to-Own universes
Multicoin Capital
Uses web3 to connect fans with college athletes
Dragonfly, Chapter One
Web3 measurement and attribution analysis
Road Capital
Building tools to make web3 safe for users
Polychain Capital
Privacy infrastructure for Solana
Polychain, Hypersphere, Arrington
Efficient liquidity standard for staking and crowdloan assets on Polkadot
ParaFi Capital, Mirana Ventures, Morningstar Ventures
Web3 fashion and lifestyle platform Capital
Arcade is the GameFi platform built on Solana that gives its community the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards from Play-2-Earn games
Race Capital
Crypto Venmo alternative built on Solana
Reciprocal Ventures and Chapter One
Making Solana development easier with Webhooks, enhanced Solana APIs, and powerful RPCs.
Animal Ventures, Polygon, Fenbushi, Resolute Ventures
Web3 developer platform that provides fast and easy access to on-chain data across projects and blockchains
IA Capital Partners, Eberg Capital
Provide coworking space for people building web3 projects
Lingfeng Innovation Fund
Web3 lifestyle app
Sachin Tendulkar
Officially licensed cricket NFTs platform
Kingsway Capital
Buy, sell, swap, hold, earn, and trade crypto

Arcade2Earn is a GameFi platform built on Solana that gives its community the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards from Play-2-Earn games. The platform utilizes a 2-token system where ARCADE is used to earn rewards from games and xARCADE is deposited into mission pools.

Now valued at $1 billion, Celestia Labs is creating a blockchain network that uses modular blockchain architecture to improve scalability and make blockchains easier to deploy. Celestia Labs is competing with the likes of Ethereum, which Celestia describes as “monolithic” rather than “modular.” Unlike monolithic networks, Celestia Labs separates consensus (how participants agree that a transaction took place) from execution. The company believes that “Modular blockchains will define the next decade of Web3 innovation.” Alex Evans, partner at Bain Capital, said “Modular designs are unlocking rapid experimentation across the decentralized application stack,” and, “By minimizing base-layer complexity, Celestia offers cleaner abstractions for developers and greater sovereignty for communities of users. The pace of development in the Celestia community has been breathtaking, and we’re excited to support this growing ecosystem.” Both an incentivized testnet and the mainnet launch are scheduled for 2023.

Delysium is a AAA web3 gaming company that that is creating an AI-powered open world with diverse free-to-own universes. The production team includes industry veterans who come from Riot China, Ubisoft, EA, Scopely, Kabam, Xsolla, and others. DES is the core engagement and ecosystem management token. It will have a fixed supply of 3 billion, and will take about 4 years to fully unlock. The distribution and allocation of this token is explained in the company’s “playable whitepaper.”

EmpireDAO provides coworking space for people building web3 projects. Per the company, “EmpireDAO’s mission is to accelerate the growth of Web3. To do this, we help communities around the world launch spaces for developers, local citizens, and more to build a Web3 community.” Their 1st location is in NYC.

Mercury is a sports marketing company that focuses on improving the experience of college sports fans. The company partners with school athletic departments and athletes to create NFT-gated experiences for fans including sit-down interviews with athletes and coaches, community marketplaces, and NFT drops. Links to existing partnerships can be easily found on the company’s Twitter profile description.

Gritti, a company where successfully completing a marathon is an initial condition to employment, provides a web3 lifestyle app that enables users to earn GRI as they run outdoors.

Rario received an investment from Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered to be one of the greatest cricket players ever. Rario is a platform for officially licensed cricket NFTs. The marketplace for Rario’s player cards is accessed here.

Shardeum is a L1 blockchain that wants to solve the scalability trilemma by offering both scalability and decentralization while maintaining security. A mainnet launch is planned for Q1’23, which includes a token generation event and public sale of SHM.

Tapio Protocol is a liquidity standard for staking and crowdloan assets on Polkadot. Tapio’s tDOT standardizes different formats of DOT derivatives for increased usability, yield aggregation and liquidity efficiency. tDOT is backed by DOT-DOT derivative liquidity pools, and it accrues yield and swap fees from those pools.

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