Optimism Deep Dive & Estimated Value Range

Our newest report on one of the most important Layer 2 solutions in the market covers:

and many other insights helpful for traders and institutional investors.

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  • Institutional-grade research reports on crypto projects for retail investors, written by experts with deep experience in both crypto and traditional finance.
  • Subscribers can vote for topics they would like to see.
  • Deep-dive fundamental analysis that is approachable and educational for audiences of all sophistication levels.
  • Quantitative analysis that includes an estimated valuation range for tokens.
  • Competitive analysis of tokens that are similar to covered projects.
  • Descriptions of potential catalysts that may have positive or negative impacts on token value.
  • Access to the Ruceto management team for questions and insights.
  • COMING SOON: In addition to in-house research, there will be a subscriber-led platform where the community chooses which topics are covered, and qualified writers from the community work with Ruceto to generate the reports and earn bounties.
  • Retail-grade reports that are priced at an institutional-grade level.
  • Lack of control over what content subscribers see.
  • Project overviews that are too high level and/or difficult to understand.
  • Reports often lack actionable conclusions and estimated valuation ranges.
To view a free sample of our work, check our SUI report here.


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