Venture Trotter Weekly Review: Week Ending March 24, 2023

Ruceto tracked over $206 million in institutional investments into crypto or web3 companies last week. Covered investments include tomi, Synthetix, Metatime, Radix and others.

Links to the target company website, investment announcement, and token info are provided via hyperlinks on the Target Name, $ Raised, and Token columns respectively.

Target Name $ Raised Lead Investors Description Token
Andreessen Horowitz
A community-driven MMORPG where players can indulge in open-ended gameplay for free
DWF Labs
A Web3 based company offering decentralized services with assisted computing hardware, promoting freedom of speech and uncensored Web usability through its DAO governance model
A multichain crypto wallet that safeguards digital assets through a unique security mechanism called DESM
Animoca Brands
A platform that acts as a Superapp by integrating all NFT elements of communication, enabling artists to directly engage with their fans through token-gated access and experiences
DWF Labs
A decentralized protocol built on Ethereum that allows the trading of synthetic assets (synths) without liquidity limitations.
Yildiz Tekno GSYO
An Istanbul-based crypto startup that allows users to access a wide range of smart apps, digital products including NFT market place and MTC stable coin, in a single platform
DWF Labs
A decentralized network that provides a secure and interconnected platform for developing DeFi applications
Sequoia Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Variant Fund
A platform that provides simple APIs for securely managing private keys, enabling users to programmatically spin up and sign transactions without exposing their private keys
Liberty City Ventures,GameFi Ventures, Mind Fund, Animoca Brands and various others
An NFT-centric custodial wallet that provides secure access to all kinds of Web3 experiences, built on Hex Trust’s institutional-grade infrastructure
Animoca Brands, LongHash Ventures, GSR, Hashkey Capital, OP Crypto
A composable Web3 data and development platform that offers developers the tools they need, to accelerate the transition into the cryptoverse. Its powerful SDKs and developer-friendly approach make it easier to build great decentralized apps
Sanctor Capital, Ericsson Ventures, Metrea Discovery, VU Venture Partners, Tirta Ventures
A platform for creating and delivering immersive experiences within the Metaverse, that are scalable and secure.

Metatime is an ecosystem of various applications built on its main product, a blockchain called MetaChain. With its unique Proof of Meta consensus, the company claims to have the fastest transaction checktime. Metatime has integrated over 70 products in its ecosystem, and they are currently developing MetaExchange, a crypto exchange. Metatime’s token MTC is available for trading and is also distributed as rewards to stakers and miners.

Radix is a DeFi ecosystem where decentralized applications can be built with its own coding language called Scrypto. Radix aims to promote DeFi by providing royalties in XRD as rewards to the developers that contribute dApp code to the ecosystem. The XRD token is also used to secure the network through staking. To ensure security through staking, each year the protocol generates and distributes 300M tokens amongst those who stake.   

Synthetix is an Ethereum based layer 2 protocol which solves the liquidity and slippage issues in decentralized exchanges by collateralizing synthetic assets. The SNX token is used for staking as collateral for the issuance of synthetic assets and for incentives such as exchange and staking rewards. SNX is also used for Synthetix’s governance model in which the staker is assigned a percentage of debt ownership proportion according to the amount of SNX staked.           

Tomi is a parallel worldwide web merging Web2 and Web 3 technology, accessible through a simple browser. Tomi offers uncensored and free network usability through its DAO governance model and private storage network. TOMI tokens are utility and transaction tokens which is distributed through daily ongoing minting.    

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