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Messari Pro is a one-stop shop for all your crypto data and research needs. Get up-to-speed on new projects and find hidden market opportunities.

A one-stop-shop for all your crypto data and research needs

The Pro plan offers a comprehensive set of research, data and tools to help you navigate the market with confidence

Industry-leading Research

Daily Research reports covering all sectors and trends in crypto.

Advanced Screening

Compare assets on hundreds of metrics using custom screeners.

Historical Data & Charts

Access our comprehensive catalogue of time series metrics for hundreds of assets.

Personalized Watchlists

Create multiple watchlists to keep track of the of assets you care about.

News Aggregation

Browse aggregated news from top media & project blogs.

Governance Platform

Track governance proposals and learn more about the DAO landscape.

Asset Profiles

Get a good understanding of different assets across sectors.

Industry-leading research reports at your fingertips

Protocol Analysis
Break down key moments in a project’s history and explore the problem(s) the protocol attempts to solve. Map key contributors and supporting entities.
Ecosystem Overview
Ecosystem reports focus on a specific topic or theme for a given platform. They provide a detailed views of key actors within an ecosystem and main competitors.
Quarterly Reports
Key metrics and indicators along with important events such as network upgrades and proposals are presented to provide a full picture of the latest development of a project
Portfolio Analysis
Provides an analysis and breakdown of portfolios of venture funds, hedge funds, indices and more.
Macro Insight
Reports reflecting the microclimate and providing a broader analysis of the current market situation, including indicators such as yield curves, inflation, treasury and more…
Market Maps
Mapping out the players in ecosystems or themes according to qualitative & quantitative heuristics. Provides insights on the positioning of a given project within a vertical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be able to experience Messari Pro for free during your trial period. During this trial you will have full access to the Messari Pro platform.

You will not be charged for Messari Pro during the free trial period. To avoid being charged, you must cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period.

Users that have previously subscribed to a service – either as paying customers or as part of a free trial – are not eligible for a second free trial and will be charged immediately upon subscribing.

Please also note that we do not offer refunds after the free trial ends.

Pro subscribers can enjoy 300+ professional-grade research reports covering the top sectors and assets in crypto including DeFi, smart contracts, Web3, NFTs, and much more. The Pro Plan also allows subscribers to unlock advanced metrics and functionalities on the screener, charts and watchlist tools.

There is no long-term commitment after the 7-days. Users can continue with their Messari subscription monthly, or cancel at anytime with thirty day notice.

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