Your Partner in the Rapidly Evolving
Crypto Landscape

The crypto market is changing every day. Prices and sentiment can change dramatically in an instant, and technological  advancements require constant monitoring. It’s an unforgiving landscape for investors and startups alike, and there is a shortage of experts who know how to think like a startup, understand the crypto market, have a rich background in traditional finance, and know how to communicate with institutional investors in both Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

Ruceto’s founders are CFA charterholders with nearly 3 decades of combined experience in equity research, management consulting, banking, turnaround advisory, and supporting businesses across the venture capital tech ecosystem. Whether you are a brokerage platform that serves institutional and/or retail investors, a startup that is seeking to raise money, or a business owner who wants to improve your operational efficiencies, we have the expertise and experience to help.

Custom Research

We offer fundamental research services on crypto projects that include deep dive analysis of the technology, tokenomics, competitors, and an estimated valuation range of the underlying token. We look through the hype and take a hard look at whether or not a crypto project can actually outperform existing Web2 or TradFi alternatives. Whether you need us to act as your “research arm” and take over all of your market analysis needs, or to just supplement your in-house research capabilities, we can support you with custom-tailored content that will distinguish you from competitors.

Consulting Services

We offer the personalized services and relationships of a small boutique, but with the knowledge and capabilities of a large institution. Our financial strategy and consulting services include capital raise support, financial infrastructure development, and complex modeling. We can help you develop a business plan that would resonate with investors and strategize positioning your Company to maximize opportunities for a capital raise. We can also advise and execute on building the right finance team, selecting the right vendors, and developing a robust forecast or model to reach your goals.

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